Crowfoot YMCA has reached their Goal ($60,000) for Strong Kids Campaign

We are pleased to hear from the Crowfoot YWCA that they have reached, with our help, their goal for their yearly Strong Kids Campaign.  Here’s an excerpt from their website at: YMCA

YMCA Strong Kids Campaign raises much needed financial support for children, teens and families who are unable to afford the full cost of participation in a YMCA program or activity. We all wonder how our individual gift could ever have an impact? YMCA Strong Kids Campaign helps one person at a time, one family at a time and one program at a time. That might mean providing funds to:

  • Help a youth gain the confidence and skills to avoid addiction, violence, and isolation
  • Help a child attend day camp for the first time and meet new friends
  • Give a teen a safe place to go
  • Help a young immigrant learn English
  • Enable a struggling family to use a child care facility
  • Enable a child to make healthy choices by participating in a recreation or fitness activity

In 2011, our goal is to raise $1.2 million to help enrich the lives of more than 13,500 children and youth in Calgary. All money raised goes directly to children and youth so they can connect and belong, make healthy choices and reach their potential.